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Enroll yourself

S S Maniyar Law College, Jalgaon
Enroll yourself
by The Principal - Saturday, 11 November 2017, 5:51 PM

1. Click on 'create new account'

 2. Fill the correct information.

 Important note: 

The students must enter their member barcode as the Username (i.e. college registration number which we have provided on I-card as well as on the challan fee receipts).

And all other information shall be filled by the students properly and correctly.

3. While submitting the registration form the students must remember their username, email id, password.


4. After successful completion of registration, the student received system generated email for confirming/activating their Moodle account.

The student must confirm his/her account as per the instructions mentioned in that particular mail.


 5. After that students can login on to the website of Moodle-LMS at


6. After successful login the students can see all courses. The student must be locate his/her class-course-paper and enroll themselves.

For successful enrolling, students need to enter "enrollment key".


The enrollment key is provided by the college library to the teachers, and teachers are too maintaining enrollment key confidentially.


7. After successful enrolling the students can access the course content.


Further instructions/information will be providing to you later…