Research Advisory Committee

The College has established the Research Advisory Committee under the Coordinator ship of faculty. The committee play important role in organising the research activities and guest lectures. The committee looks after all the requirements for the research activities in the college. To promote the research culture amongst the students and faculty in the campus Research Advisory Committee takes initiative and organized students seminar, faculty discussion on the current issues of the society.


  1. To create multidisciplinary research activities.
  2. To encourage for the publication of research papers in the reputed peer reviewed journals.
  3. To undertake the Minor/Major Research Projects.
Sr.No Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Dr.Rekha Pahuja Chairman
2 Dr.Vijeta Singh Member
3 Prof. Anjali Bondar Member
4 Prof.Y.A.Mahajan Member

List of Ph.D Guides:

  1. B.Yuvakumar Reddy
  2. Vijeta Singh
Ph.D scholar Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of award
Dr.P.H.Pendharkar Pravinkumar Hiralal Dr.B.Yuvakumar Reddy




Customary Personal Laws of Adivasis in Nandurbar District- Analytical Study 2013
Dr.Sonwane Manish Sukhdeo Human Right Perspective of Antiterrorist Laws in India : A Critical Study 2015
Dr.Poonam Pratap Nathani Women Rights with Reference to Domestic Violence in India -A Socio Legal Study 2016
Dr.Mohana Raje ADR  with Reference to Civil Enginerring 2018
Dr.Vijeta S.Singh Dr.S.A.T.Subzwari






White Collar Crimes in India 2012
Dr.Moreshwar Kothwade Judicial Activism 2013
Dr.Sanjay Kanoji 2015
Dr. Bhadlikar Shamkant
Laws Relating to Prevention of Corruption – A Critical Study 2016
Dr.Shirsat Labour Legislation 2018
Dr.Bharat Kaurani Third Prty Liability in Contract 2018
Dr. Hasani Sunny Sureshkumar Dr.Jaysankar K.I. Women Welfare Laws with reference toAdivasisin North Maharashtra-An Empirical Study 2018


List of research guides for LL.M Dissertation

  1. R.Kshirsagar
  2. Rekha Pahuja
  3. Y.A.Mahajan
  4. Anjali Bondar

Minor Research Projects

  1. Jaysankar K.I
  2. R.Kshirsagar


  1. Two faculties completed Minor Research Projects under XI Plan of UGC. Three faculty members received Minor Research Projects under XII Plan of UGC which is under process.
  2. The College received One Day National Seminar under XII Plan of UGC and successfully completed.
  3. Faculty invited as resource persons in seminars, conferences, workshops, All India Radio and college programmes.
  4. Students of the College received prizes for the articles and poems in the Annual Miscellany Competition from the University.

Highlights of the research activities

The S.S.Maniyar Law College has constituted different committees through which various intellectual activities performed for creation of ecosystem and transfer of knowledge.

  1. The college publishes the annual miscellany Vidhyarth. The faculty and the students publishes their research articles, poems and stories both in English and regional language.
  2. The PG students (LL.M) as part of the curriculum have to involve in the research activities. The university prescribed the PG course with the dissertation.
  3. The IQAC cell and Research Advisory Committee motivates the faculty and the students to participate in the various international, national and state level conferences, workshops and seminars. The faculty published their research papers in the peer reviewed journals and participated as resource persons. The college grants the duty leave and also make budgetary provision to the faculty members for participating in the seminars.
  4. The college library is the treasure of knowledge and a great asset to the institution. It has an extensive collection of reference books, journals and case law reporters for the academic and research needs of students, faculty and research scholars. The computer terminal for the students and faculty with internet facility is also available in the library.
  5. The college organised the one day national seminar on ‘Need and Necessitates of NAAC Accreditation & Quality Development in Higher Education’. The NAAC members and academicians, lawyers and stakeholders participated in the seminar. The delegates from the various places participated and presented research papers. The college also publishes the seminar proceedings. Also the college organises different workshops and seminars in the college.
  6. The college invited various eminent personalities as resource persons. The High Judges and the local District Judges visited the college and delivered lectures for the students as resource.

This activity of the college through the research advisory committee contributes to the great extent towards the research world.