Paper –I Basics of Law, Forensic Science & Crime 100 Mark
Paper- II Recent Advances in Forensic Science and the Laws 100 Mark
Paper-III Forensic Science and its Application in Crime Investigation 100 Mark
Paper-IV Bio-terrorism: National and International Scenario 100 Mark
Paper-V Practical 100 Mark

General Rules of Admission and Eligibility

Generally, no admissions are allowed after the expiry of 30 days from the opening of the college. Students are, therefore, required to take admissions at the earliest after the declaration of their respective qualifying examination results.

The admission to the college course will be subject to the following rules.

1. No student shall be allowed to keep terms for two different degree courses simultaneously , in the same academic year. However, the student shall be allowed to keep terms for one degree and one diploma or one
certificate course simultaneously in the same academic year and to appear for the examinations for the said course in the same examination session of the University. However no students shall be entitled to claim any change in the University Examination programme or any other concession on the ground that examination of the said two courses are held at the same time or on any other grounds.

2. Admissions must be taken in person, by presenting the prescribed application form of the college duly filled in and on the payment of the fees in one instalment.

3. All admissions will be provisional and subject to confirmation by the Principal and approval by the University.

4. Students are required to submit their admission form along with full fees.

5. If students have taken admission pro visionally, because of non availability ofdocuments etc., their admission shall be cancelled for non-submission of documents, on or before 30th September of every year. However there will be no refund of tuition fees and other special fees paid to the College. All arrears are to be paid even after cancellation of admission on this ground.

6. At the time of admission, the following documents and certificates shall have to be produced :
a) Original Statement of marks with two certified copies.

b) Passing certificate and its two certified copies. Certificates indicating the date of birth such as school leaving certificate or S.S.C. certificate.

c) In case of a student migrating from an other University or Board, an eligibility certificate from the University. Migration certificates are to be submitted at the earliest. The University will not accept examination forms of students who would delay submission of the same.

d) In case of a student from a college affiliated to North Maharashtra University transference certificate from that college and Eligibility Certificate of last college with xerox.

e) Attendance & Character certificate with two xerox, two copies of Pass port size (Latest) photographs.

f) Foreign students desirous of securing admission in this college should produce their pass-port and Visa at the time of admission. A fresh foreign student should submit his eligibility form to the foreign student cell, North Maharashtra University and bring admission letter from them.