Long Term Plan

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Our vision is based on our ambitions for the college over the next 05 years (by 2020). Our strategic plan is focused on the key priorities and achievement of goals by 2020. The College has prepared a long term strategic plan in 2016 for the period of 2016-2020. With the interaction of all the stake holders of higher education long term plan has been prepared. Long term plan is prepared in consideration with the local need and global challenges of the legal education. For the success of this strategic plan we rely upon stake holders like faculty, Students, alumni, parents etc.


  1. To attract and admit students from all backgrounds with outstanding academic potential.
  2. To offer an excellent academic experience for all our students and ensure that they are fully equips graduates to excel in whatever they choose to do.
  3. To invest in people, to support them and their research environment, thereby enabling the research endeavour to grow sustainably.
  4. To disseminate legal knowledge and legal processes through e-platforms by organizing lectures, seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences for national development and democratization.
  5. To organize advanced studies and promote research in law by offering e-courses on various emerging sub-disciplines of law.
  6. To promote legal awareness in the community to achieve social and economic justice and to build a stronger and more constructive relationship with our local and regional community
  7. To evolve and impart comprehensive legal education through digital networking.
  8. To raise funds to support the very best students, invest in our staff and their work, and provide new resources and infrastructure
  9. To develop barrier free environment for inclusive education system.


  1. To use technology for effective teaching learning process.
  2. Making entire campus Wi-Fi enabled.
  3. Encourage innovative approaches through curriculum development.
  4. Advanced training for teaching and non teaching staff to equip them with advanced technology.
  5. To organize faculty development programme with collaboration of UGC Human Resource Centre.
  6. To mobilize the resources form government and non-governmental organization.
  7. Make diversity a source of learning, understanding, and change
  8. Involving our alumni more fully in the life of the College and providing more opportunities for lifelong learning



  1. College Campus will be fully equipped with advanced ICT facility.
  2. College Campus should be with wi-fi connected.
  3. Library and all learning resources will be automated it means digitization of library.
  4. College will take more efforts for extension and outreach activity.