LL. M. (2 Years)

L.L.M. Regular –
Every candidate seeking admission to the Master of Laws Course (LL.M Degree Course) must have taken the LL.B Degree after completing three years of the old LL.B. Course or all five years of the New Five Year Course of this University or its equivalent degree of another statutory University recognized as equivalent to said degree of this University.

1. The duration of the course of study for the degree of Master of Laws shall be two years.

2. The courses of study have been organized in to semester courses.

3. In each course there shall be three lectures per week and each lecture shall be sixty minutes. In addition to three lectures in each course shall be w e e k l y / f o r n i g h t l y t u t o r i a l s (for details see Oral Work; Group discussions and Seminars.)

4. A candidate is required to attend a minimum of 85 % of lectures delivered in each of the courses in each semester to become eligible for grant of term. The college / Head of the Department may debar a candidate from appearing in the examination if he has not secured the prescribed minimum attendance in the class in each course.

5. The four course in first semester and the four courses in the second semester shall be compulsory.

6. In the third semester two courses and practical training, in the fourth semester dissertation shall be compulsory.

7. The Dissertation shall carry 200 marks and there would be no internal assessment work with respect to these
courses to course.The Dissertation shall be examined by one internal and one external examiner and they shall also hold a viva-voice test before awarding the marks. The marks shall be awarded after joint consultation.

8. The work for which a candidate shall be assessed with respect to each course shall comprise of the following;
a) Written examination through question papers for each course. A paper for one semester course shall carry 60 marks.
b) Internal assessement work (as detailed separately). It shall carry 40 marks for one semester course.

9. The written examination through question papers shall be held at the end of each semester.
The Internal Assessment Work will have to be completed during the duration of the course only (as indicated separately)

10. Students who fail or fail to secure required marks in papers may be allowed to appear for all papers in subsequent examination.

11. The performance of the candidates shall be indicated through classes instead of numerical marks. The marks for the written examination, internal assessment work, and/ or Dissertation, if any, shall be indicated seperately on the transcript. The transcript
shall also mention the post gradute Centre at which the student studied.

12. To pass the LL.M. examination a candidate must obtain 40 marks for each course (the marks for the written examination and internal assessment being added up) and 50 marks in the aggregate. Provided further that the difference between the internal and external assessment marks of a candidate for any course shall not be more than 15%. If the marks obtained in internal assessment by a candidate exceed the marks obtained by him in external assessment by more than 15% the marks obtained by him in internal assessment shall be brought down to that extent.

13. In order to improve the Class a candidate shall be permitted to appear at the written examination for any course or courses, in subsequent attempts. However, he / she shall not be permitted to improve his/her internal as sessment class except as a regular student, it shall be both for internal a s s e s s e m e n t w o r k a n d r e g u l a r courses of study (examined through written question papers)

14. Terms shall be granted for each course independently at the semester. A candidate who fails his / her terms successfully with respect to one or more course can complete the same during the semesters when the course are taught.

15. A student shall be granted terms for the course concerned if he/ she has put in an attendance of not less than 85% of the lectures and tutorials separately.

16. Terms will be valid as per ordinance 67 of NMU. Internal Assessment Work for internal assessment in each semester course shall comprise of;

Seminar Presentation  10 marks
Home Assignment        10 Marks
Written Test                   15 Marks
Attendance                      5 Marks

LL.M. Course Structure

First Semester –

01 – Law and Social Transformation in India.
02 – Constitutional Law & New Challenges.
03 – Comparative Criminal Procedure.
04 – Mass Media Law.

Second Semester –

01 – Judicial Process.
02 – Legal Education and Research Methodology
03 – Penology: Treatment of Offenders
04 – Human Rights

Third Semester –

01 – Juvenile Delinquency
02 – Public Utilities Law
03 – Practical Training

Third Semester –

01 – Dissertation (Two Courses)