‘A library is a growing organism’


Khandesh College Education Society’s S.S.Maniyar Law College is the treasure of knowledge and a great asset of the institution and has an extensive collection of text books, reference books, journals and case law reporter for the academic and research needs of students, faculty and research scholars. The library worked towards establishing an excellent, modern knowledge resource centre to disseminate latest information for teaching, learning and research to maintain effective national and international resource and encourage lifelong learning and implement the best management.

The library consists of 25576 text and reference books, 17 journals, 19 magazines, novels and 13 newspapers and employment news. The library is attached with reading room and wash room.

The College library is automated with ERP Solutions and Integrated Library Management System. The software is developed by the softaid institute, Jalgaon. The software is developed for the automation of the library. The ERP solutions provides the Master, Book Entry, Book Copies details, Book Search, Book Issue return, Book inward and outward, Generate Bar code and various library reports.

ICT Facilities in Library:

ERP System Library Terminal:

The library is equipped with cloud computing technology based Soft-core Library Information module, which provides various facilities like: Book Issue / Receipt, Book Search, Book Inward / Outward, Fine Management, Generation of Barcode etc. The various analytic reports like: Book stock, Issue / Return, Inward / Outward, Cupboard wise book report etc. are available for proper decision making and service to the stakeholders.

Access Points for E-Journals:

The library is well equipped with 10 Desktops connected to the 40 mbps internet leased line. This library network is specially developed to provide the dedicated and valid access to the stakeholders for E-Journal services like: N-List and Manupatra.

Book Scan Facility:

High scanning speed, short scanning cycles, high depth focus, high quality output data, preview function for quality control, brilliant colour rendering, touch panel with multi-touch technology.

  • Scan format: max. 480 x 360 mm (19 x 14 inch)
  • Scan mode: colour, grayscale, b/w
  • Resolution: 300 dpi, 600 dpi as an option
  • Safe embedded operating system: WIN 7 based
  • Software interface: multi-touch user interface, interactive and intuitive

Barcode Label Printer:

  • Dual motor gear
  • High memory capacity (2 MB DRAM & 2 MB flash memory)
  • Higher ribbon capacity 300 meters
  • Free bartender software

D-Link 300m Wifi Router + 40 mbps Internet Leased Line

Library Services

Opac Access

Book Bank Facility


Syllabus and Question Bank

Computer Facility

Reprographic Facility

Library Advisory Committee: The College constituted library advisory committee as under

Sr.No Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Dr.Vijeta Singh Chairman
2 Dr.Rekha Pahuja Member
3 Prof.Anjali Bondar Member
4 Prof.G.V.Dhumale Member


List of Rare Books







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