Leagal Aid Clinic

The College is running Legal Aid Clinic in collaboration with State Legal Services Authority and District Legal Services Authority. One faculty acts as Secretary and a student as volunteers were in it conducts Legal Literacy Programmes in the rural and urban areas of the district. The special feature of this camp is the students are performing street plays and creating legal awareness among them. The Judicial Officers are also participating in the camp and addressing the people. The aim of the literacy programmes is to create the legal awareness amongst the people and counselling of the poor and needy litigants. It provides platform to the final year students to be societal oriented. The students also visit the Jail and make them aware about their rights and also contribute for the speedy trial of under trial prisoners. The students also work as volunteers of Para legal services. The faculties are acting as Panel Judge in the Lok Adalat organised by District Legal Services Authority.
Evidence of legal Literacy Programme:
The response to the literacy programmes in the Jalgaon District is very good. It is not only the platform to provide information but it has gained authenticity amongst the needy litigants which helps them to get justice in the matters.

Year Date Venue Subjects Guest
2012-13  20th Jan. 2013 Takarkheda Taluka Erandol District Jalgaon Corruption, Voting Rights, PCPNDT, Maintenance, Cruelty Mr.M.R. Purwar, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority
2013-14 19th Jan. 2014 Zurkheda Taluka Dharangaon District Jalgaon PCPNDT, Consumer Protection, Cruelty, Domestic Violence,
Fundamental Rights
Adv.S.S.Phalak, Secretary, KCE Society, Jalgaon
2014-15 20th Sep. 2014 SSBT Engineering College, Jalgaon RTI, Fundamental Rights, Human Rights, Anti-Ragging Act Adv. Sunil. D.Chaudhari, Member, KCE Society, Jalgaon
2014-15 10th Jan. 2015 SSBT Engineering College, Jalgaon RTI, Fundamental Rights, Human Rights, Anti-Ragging Act Adv. Sunil. D.Chaudhari, Member, KCE Society, Jalgaon
Thorghavan Taluka Sawada District Jalgaon Legal Services Authority Act, Fundamental Rights, Forest Act, Environmental Laws, Consumer Protection Mr. M.B. Datte, District & Session Judge-1, Bhusawal
2015-16  23rd Aug. 2015 HUDCO Area Pimparala Parisar, Jalgaon City Dowry Prohibition, Consumer Protection,
7/12 Extract, Fundamental Rights, Human Rights
Mrs. S.J. Shinde, CJSD, Jalgaon
 10th Jan. 2016 Vadgaon Lambe Taluka Chalisgaon, District Jalgaon Maintenance, Domestic Violence, Dowry Prohibition, Legal Services, Environment Laws Mr. D.P.Khandelwal, CJJD, Chalisgaon and Mr. P.S. Patki, Jt. CJJD, Chalisgaon
 2016-17 15th Mar 2017 KCEs College of Engineering and I.T.- Anti ragging, sexual harassment at workplace, Women empowerment, Superstition etc. Dr.Shilpa Bendale , Senate Memmber NMU Jalgaon, Dr. K.P.Rane Principal College of Engineering, Jalgaon
19th Mar 2017 Sakegaon Village, Taluka Bhusawal, Dist. Jalgaon Corruption, farmer suicide, Prohibition of Alcohal, on Female foetocide etc. Shri P.A.Patil, Hon’ble JMFC , Bhusawal, Shri Anand Thakre,Sarpanch of Sakegaon Village etc.
 2017-18 22nd Sep. 2017 KCEs College of Engineering and I.T., jalgaon  ‘Right to Information’, ‘Gender Justice’, ‘Anti Raging’,‘ Consumer Protection.  Adv. S.S.Phalak, Jalgaon District Court, Jalgaon.
9.Nov.2017 Legal Awareness Rally, Jalgaon Performed street plays on different social issues. Miss S.T.Barne, Hon’ble Principal District and Sessions Judge, Jalgaon, Mr. K.H.Thombre, Hon’ble Secretary, Dist. Legal Services Authorities, Jalgaon, Adv R.R.Mahajan, president, Dist. Bar Association, Jalgaon,
4th Feb2018 Palaskheda Village in jammer Taluka GST, Right to Information, Land Acquisition, women empowerment, prohibition of liquor, importance of female education etc Mr. K.H.Thombre, Hon’ble Secy, Dist. Legal Services Authorities, Jalgaon
Mr. S.C.Hawelikar, Judicial Magistrate Fist Class, Jamner, shri Kadam, Police sub-Inspector, Jamner.