1. Excellence in core mission activities of teaching and service will continue to be the primary focus
  2. Future development will build on our strengths in the academic disciplines, provides innovative responses to critical needs and will make cost-effective use of our resources
  3. The focus area will be courses, which bring value to the students in the field of legal knowledge
  4. We will undertake innovative multidisciplinary initiatives in order to strengthen its contributions to instruction and public service. These initiatives will be selected because they promise to result in unique academic opportunities for us, or area of great social significance.
  5. We are engaged in a process of internationalization of the curriculum that will yield exciting opportunities for research and development
  6. Computer and information technology will be integrated into the curriculum and provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need in the information age and to furnish the faculty with the tools it will need to function in this new era.
  7. Continuous quality monitoring, communicational, assessment and improvement will be conducted by us to increase efficiency, control cost and ensure accountability.


Core Values of SSMLC 

  1. The opportunity to improve the students and create awareness relating to legal profession in Khandesh region.
  2. The college adapts to a changing world by considering the impacts on law and legal practice of phenomena such as globalisation increasing diversity, technological change and the growing inter-connectedness of peoples and places.
  3. The college endeavours to take legal education out of traditional contours and make it more professional, job and market oriented, accessible to all segments of society, ensuring gender equity and increasing the rate of employability by establishing academia industry and societal linkages in line with market demand.
  4. The opportunity to provide free legal aid to the socially, economically backward people.


The mission and legal goal of the institution are reflected in the curricula through the introduction of LLM, LLB courses of three and five year’s duration as well as diploma courses of one year duration for meeting the ever growing challenges in the modern world. By introducing value based education introducing innovative academic methods of teaching also supported the system for better functioning. The introduction of professional courses like Diploma in Taxation Law (DTL) and Diploma in Labour Law & Labour Welfare (DLL & LW) Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights & Value Education and Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law, Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science leading to employment and self-employment in the field of law for creating a sense of duty towards the community. The institution introduced three new Post Graduate Diploma courses in Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights, Post Graduate Diploma in Bio-Forensic Law and Bio-Terrorism Law and Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology from the academic year 2017-18.


Raising moral standards in legal education and realization of higher values of life to make the students responsible citizens legal professionals thereby contribute to the society and the nation at large. Establishing links between the college and community by taking up diverse extension activities through different outreach programmes like legal aid clinic and by holding legal literacy camps at rural areas.


The institutions motto is to convert information into experience.