S.S.Maniyar Law College is located in the heart of the Jalgaon City just near the Bombay Agra National Highway and two kms away from the Jalgaon Railway Station and Bust Stand. The College has constructed its own building on 10 Acres spacious area. It provide hostel facility to women students by accommodating them in the women hostel of S.S.Maniyar Law College, Jalgaon

The College provide different facilities to help students be comfortable with the campus. As per the provision of Maharashtra Right to information Act 2002 the following are the designated officers for subject matter described apposite to their names.

Sr Facility Details Names of Concerned Officer and Designation.
01 Admission, Eligibility and General Administration Shri. S.R.Zambre
(Head Clerk)
02 Scholarship, Free Ships, Other Financial Assistance and Examination. Shri. S.R.Zambre
(Head Clerk))
03 Library Shri P.H.Choudhari
(Asstt. Librarian)
04 Sports / Gymkhana Prof. Y.A.Mahajan
(Faculty member)
05 Hostel Prof.Anjali Bondar
(Faculty member)
06 Information Officer Prof. D.R.Kshirsagar
(Faculty member)

# Academics      Prior to 1990 the Law College was affiliated to University of Pune and subsequently affiliated to North Maharashtra University Jalgaon. We always maintain quality and are cautious for educational principles. The Management of KCE Society is always kind enough to provide freedom and financial aid to maintain and improve the academic standards of the college.

# Notifications    We always remain forward in all Academic and other Extra-curricular activities for the students with the new strategies and new policies framed by the Bar Council to improve the Legal Education.

Hostel Facility :

There is a wide range of accomm-odation for students in Boys and Girls Hostel. Hostel admissions are given on merit basis.

Repeaters are not admitted to hostels. There is separate mess for boy and girls. For details, refer to Hostel Brochure.

UGC has sanctioned special grants for extension of girls hostel under X and XI plan which has helped to increase the accommodation capacity in the Girls’ Hostel.

Concession in Hostel fees is provided to some needy and economically backward students. Free accommodation is made avaiable to some students studying in college under “Earn and Learn Scheme”

Sr.No Particulars Girls Hostel Boys Hostel
ABC Wing D Wing E Wing Old Hostel
1 Room Rent Rs. 4650 Rs. 11650 Rs. 3650 Rs. 1000 Rs. 1500
2 Hostel Admission Charges Rs. 200 Rs. 200 Rs. 200 Rs. 200 Rs. 200
3 Service Charge Rs. 1500 Rs. 1500 Rs. 1500 Rs. 1200 Rs. 1300
4 Security Charge Rs. 600 Rs. 600 Rs. 600 —- Rs. 500
5 Electricity Charge Rs. 2100 Rs. 2100 Rs. 2100 Rs. 1000 Rs. 2100
6 Medical Facility Rs. 175 Rs. 175 Rs.175 Rs. 175 Rs. 175
7 Hostel Deposit Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000
8 Hostel I-Card Rs. 25 Rs. 25 Rs. 25 Rs. 25 Rs. 25
9 Cultural Activities Rs. 200 Rs. 250 Rs. 250
Total Rs. 10500 Rs. 17500 Rs. 9500 Rs. 4600 Rs. 6800
Intake Capacity 304 48 112 40 114

Hostel Snaps :

Affiliation & courses conducted :

Courses Eligibility Criteria
(Semester Pattern)
50 % marks in any Bachlor’s Degree in Law
( LLB.) from any recognized University or equivalent.
(Three Years Law Degree Course)
45 % marks in any Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University or equivalent.
(FiveYears Law Degree Course)
45 % marks in  H.S.C.
( XII Std. ) or equivalent.
Diploma in Taxation Laws (DTL)
(one Years Course)
Any graduate of any recognized University or equivalent.
Diploma in Labour Laws &
Labour Welfare (DLL & LW)
(One Years Course)
Any graduate of any recognized University or equivalent.
Post Graduate Diploma In Human Rights and Value In Education Any graduate of any recognized University or equivalent
Post Graduate Diploma Cyber Laws Any graduate of any recognized University or equivalent
Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science Any graduate of any recognized University or equivalent

Affiliated to the North Maharashtra University Jalgaon, the College provide instructions to students for the Law Examination of the North Maharashtra University.

The College is conducting the following courses.

  • Three Years Law Courses – LL.B. First, LL.B. Second, LLB Third ( Semester Pattern from the year 2001)

Batch : June
Session ; Morning.(Whole Time Course)

  • New Five Year Law Courses (Semester Pattern from the year 2001)

Batch : June
Session ; Morning. .(Whole Time Course)

  • Diploma Course ( One Year) .(Whole Time Course)

Diploma in Taxation Laws (D.T.L.) :

Batch : June
Session ; Morning. .(Whole Time Course)

  • Diploma in Labour Laws & Labour Welfare ( D.L.L. & L.W.)

Batch : June
Session ; Morning. .(Whole Time Course)

  • L.L.M. (Post Graduate Course)

Batch : June (Whole Time Course) 

Syllabus for the L.L.M.
(with effect from June 2005)

L.L.M. Regular.

Every candidate seeking admission to the Master of Laws Course (LL.M. Degree Course) must have taken the LL.B. Degree after completing three years of the old  LL.B. Course or all the five years of the New Five year Course of this University or its equivalent degree of another statutory University recognized  as equivalent to said degree of this University.

  1. The duration of the course of study for the degree of Master of Laws shall be two years.
  1. The courses of study have been organized in to one semester courses.
  1. In each course there shall be three lectures per week and each lecture shall be sixty minutes. In addition to three lectures in each course there shall be weekly / fortnightly tutorials ( for details see Oral Work; Group discussions and Seminars.)
  1. A candidate is required to attend a minimum of 85 percent of lectures delivered in each of the courses in each semester to become eligible for grant of term. The college /Head of the Department may debar a candidate from appearing in the examination if he has not secured the prescribed minimum attendance in the class in each course.
  1. The four courses in the first semester and the four courses in the second semester shall be compulsory.
  1. In the third and the fourth semesters a candidate shall be required to opt any four courses from the number of courses offered in each of those two semester. Provided that a student who has offered one of the optional groups at the third semester will also have to offer the corresponding group in the fourth semester. At the beginning of each academic year, the College/ Department shall notify the courses in which instruction would be available during the year for courses not so specified.
  1. The dissertation shall carry 200 marks and there would be no internal assessment work with respect to these courses or course. The dissertation shall be examined by one internal and one external examiner and they shall also hold a viva-voce test before awarding the marks. The marks shall be awarded after joint consultation.
  1. The work for which a candidate shall be assessed with respect to each course shall comprise of the following;
    • Written examination through question papers for each course. A paper for one semester course shall carry 60 marks.
    • Internal assessment work (as detailed separately). It shall carry 40 marks for one semester course.
  1. The written examination through question papers shall be held at the end of each semester. The Internal Assessment Work will have to be completed during the duration of the course only (as indicated separately)
  1. Students who fail or fail to secure required marks in papers may be allowed to appear for all papers in subsequent examination.
  1. The performance of the candidates shall be indicated through classes instead of numerical marks. The marks for the      written examination, internal assessment work, and /or dissertation, if any, shall be indicated separately on the transcript. The transcript shall also mention the post graduate Centre at which the student studied.
  1. To pass the LL.M. examination a candidate must obtain 40 marks for each course (the marks for the written examination and internal assessment being added up) and 50 marks in the aggregate. Provided further that the difference between the internal and external assessment marks of a candidate for any course shall not be more than 15 percent. If the marks obtained in internal assessment by a candidate exceed the marks obtained by him in external assessment by more than 15 percent, the marks obtained by him in internal assessment shall be brought down to that extent.
  1. In order to improve the Class a candidate shall be permitted to appear at the written examination for any course or
    courses, in subsequent attempts. However, he/ she shall not be permitted to improve his /her internal assessment class except as a regular student, it shall be both for internal assessment work and regular courses of study (examined through written question papers)
  1. Terms shall be granted for each course independently at the semester. A candidate who fails his / her terms successfully
    with respect to one or more courses can complete the same during the semesters when the courses are taught.

Internal Assessment :

Work for internal assessment in each semester courses shall comprise of ( Total 40 Marks for each Subject):

  • Seminar Presentation – 10 Marks
  • Home Assignments    –  10 Marks
  • Tutorial Test(2 tests carrying 7.5 marks each) – 15 Marks
  • Attendance                  – 5 Marks


First Semester
LW 01- Law and Social Transformation in India

LW 02- Constitutional Law & New Challenges

LW 03-Comparative Criminal Procedure
LW 04- Mass Media Law
Second  Semester
LW  01-Judicial Process
LW  202-Legal Education & Research  Methodology
LW 203- Penology: Treatment of Offenders
LW 204- Human Rights
Third Semester
LW 01-Juvenile Delinquency
LW 302-Public Utilities Law
LW 303- Practical Training
Fourth Semester
LW 401-Dissertation (Two Courses)

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 1.The semester system has been adopted for First year B.S.L., Second year B.S.L., First year LL.B., & Third year B.S.L., Second   year LL.B & fourth year B.S.L. and also Third year LL.B. and Fifth year B.S.L. from the academic year 2001-2002 successively.

2. The period of the first semester will be from  June to October and the examination will be conducted in November. Second Semester will be from   December to March and examination will be conducted in the month of April.

          • Admission for the Semester;

The College admits students for both semesters in the beginning of the Academic Year.

          • Medium for instructions:

Medium of instruction and paper writing will be only English and medium of paper writing for Pre- Law Course i.e. First year B.S.L. and Second year B.S.L. will be optional either in English or in Marathi, according to resolution passed by Academic Council of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

  •  General rules of Admission and Eligibility:

Generally no admission are allowed after the expiry of 30 days from the opening of the college. Students are therefore, requested to take admissions at the earliest after the declaration of their  respective qualifying  examination results.
The admission to the college course will be subject to the following rules,

    • No student shall be allowed to keep terms for two different degree courses simultaneously, in the same academic year. However, the student shall be allowed to keep terms for one Degree and Deploma or one Certificate Course simultaneously in the same academic year and to appear for the examination for the said course in the same examination session of the University. However no student shall be entitled to claim any change in the University Examination Program or any other concession on the ground that examination of the said two courses are held at the same time or on any other grounds.
    • Admission must be taken in person, by presenting the prescribed application form of the college duly filled in and on the payment of the requisite fee in one instalment.
    • All admissions will be provisional and subject to confirmation by the principal and approval by the University.
    • Student are required to submit their admission form along with full fees.
    • If student have taken admission provissionaly, because of non-availability of documents etc. their admission shall be cancelled for non submission of documents, on or before 30th September of every year. However their will no refund of Tution fees and other special fees paid to the college. All arrears are to be paid even after cancellation of admission on this ground.
    • At the time of admission, the following documents and certificates shall have to be produced.
  • Original Statement of marks with two certified copies.
  • Passing certificate and its two certified copies. Certificate indicating the date of birth such as school leaving certificate or S.S.C. Certificate.
  • In case of student migrating from an other university or Board, an eligibility certificate from the University, Migration certificate are to be submitted at the earliest. The university will not accept examination form of students who would delay submission of the same.
  • In case of student from a college affiliated to the North Maharashtra University a transference certificate from that college and eligibility certificate of last college with Xerox.
  • Attendance & Character Certificate with two Xerox, two copies of passport size (Latest) photographs.
  • Foreign student desirous of securing admission in this college should produce their passport and visa at the time of admission. A fresh foreign student should submit his eligibility from the foreign student cell, North Maharashtra University and baring admission letter from them