Activities are limb of an Institution. We at S.S.Maniyar Law College always look forward to offer  our students with an all new fully charged environment by conducting , hosting, and sending our Students Team’s for various competitions in Moot Courts, Debating, Elocution, Sporting etc.
We are concentrating in various academic activities to provide;

    • To provide the confirming and well organized legal education to the students for reckoning new trends in the world in the order to meet ever growing challenges.
    • To make the law students responsible citizens and thereby to contribute the civil values of the socity and nation at large.
    • To develop the sense of leadership in law students, to face the social challenges.
    • To mould them into knowledgeable and skilful advocates competent to deal with the social problems with the help of legal knowledge and sprit.
    • To strive towards excellence in legal education to build up society vis-à-vis the nation.
    • To adopt innovative academic methods of teaching, to raise moral standards in education and to realize higher values of life to make the students responsible citizens and thereby to contribute the society and nation at large.
    • To establish links between college and community by taking diverse extension activities through different outreach programmes like legal clinic and legal literacy camps at rural areas. It would not be out of place to mention here that the College is having well equipped, dedicated, sincere, experienced and reputed teaching faculties and well established infrastructure and up to date and well equipped library. The activities of the college are students centered and knowledge oriented. Observance of the strict discipline in the premises is the salient feature of the college, faculty members are keen to take the regular classes and attendance of the students an such classes is compulsory.
  • Moot Court Society
  • Law Lecture Series
  • Web Society
  • Green Club
  • Annual Gathering
  • Law Picture Suit
  • Debating Association
  • Friend Circle Group
  • National Service Scheme
  • Gathering

1.Moot Court Society :

In order to fulfill the responsibility to organize Moot Court activities we have established the students law society which is known as S.S.Maniyar Law College Moot Court Society.
Objective of the Moot Court Society.
The Moot Court Society is taking responsibility to organize the following programmes.

  • Organize Dr Annasaheb G.D.Bendale Memorial National Moot Court Competition every year.
  • Organize Inter class Moot Court Competations.
  • Assist the college to conduct Moot Court practical exams.
  • Weekly training programme to the student Advocat

In the training programme we are focusing on imparting the practical knowledge in memorial preparation  statute compilation , arguments presentation and Moot problems preparation etc.

  • Selection of students advocates for the panel of advocates of the Moot Court Society.
  • Selection of teams to represent the college in National and State Level Moot Court competition
  • Training to the students who are preparing for Moot Court practical exam.
  • Train the students as the Master Trainers for the legal literacy camp
  • Organize Mock trails


Prof.Miss.Rekha P.Pahuja


ProfYogesh A.Mahajan

2.Law Lecture Series :

Our College organizes Law Lecture Series every year on different legal subjects. It helps the students to get the  knowledge of the legal luminary shared with them and legal awareness about the subject in the interactive  session.
During the academic year our college has organized Law Lecture Series of different eminent personalities, Scholars and Judges.

3.Web Society :

It is a fact that the use of computers, Cyber information and communication are essential for the lawyers. In order to provide the cyber facilities to cater the knowledge of the students with the progress and the revolution in Information and Technology our college has established the Web Society with a fully equipped computer lab.
Activities of Web Society.
Online reference of Supreme Court and High Court Judgments.
Providing internet assess to the students
Download and compile the information regarding legal aspects on the web.
Make the downloaded materials available to the students on requirement for reference.

Chairman Prof.Miss.Rekha P.Pahuja


Prof.Miss.Vijeta Singh
Prof.Anjali B. Bondar

4.Green Club :

To promote and disseminate awareness of prevention and control of the environmental pollution among the students as well as among the public the college has established the Green Club of Law College. It take the responsibility towards the society in environmental protection and organizes different programs like tree plantation , Environmental seminars, workshops, public campaign with the support of NGO’s like “MANTRA, IBRAD , KABRA FOUNDATION’  and Department of Forest and Social Forestry.

Chairman Prof.Miss.Rekha P. Pahuja


Prof.Anjali B. Bondar
Prof.Yogesh A. Mahajan

Debating Association :

Students of S.S.Maniyar Law College have traditionally excelled at literacy and debating activities. The debating association constituted in the college prides itself maintaining  these students of excellence. Debate is an intellectual exercise to measure the capacity to a student to develop and express the ideas on a particular subject or topic in a common platform. By this the students are able to address a jury, which are common to skills involved in public speaking.

Chairman Prof.G. V. Dhumale


Prof.Miss. Anjali B. Bondar
Prof.Miss.Vijeta Singh


  • Develop the skill of analysis
  • Improve the critical approach of the subject
  • Boost up the ability of public speaking
  • Encourage the student to organize debate activities
  • Train the students who are preparing to participate different debate competition.
  • Conduct the debate, elocution and quiz competition.
  • Selection of teams to represent the college in various National and State level competitions.


Prof..Miss.Rekha P.Pahuja


Prof.Dr.Jayasankar K.I.

5.Friends Circle Group :

We have established a committee of students with the name Friend Circle Group (FCG). FCG  is primarily responsible for organizing the cultural and fine arts activities within the college. While a part of our responsibilities is to present college’s best talent a greater part of what it does is to contribute campus life. FCG organizes several events such as teacher day, Dandiya night, Dahi handi, Cristmas caroling , Ed Milan etc in which a greater part of the law college community participate. The FCG also organizes class events where the emphasis is on participation. All in all Friends Circle Group’s contribution in making  law college lilfe a whole lot more fun.

6.Nationational Service Scheme.(N.S.S) :

The college is sanctioned a unit of NSS by the North maharashtra university. National Service Scheme (NSS) has been introduced at this college since 2006-07 as a part of the academic programmes and since then NSS has been functioning as a regular feature in the realm of our college education. The overall objective of the scheme is educational and service to the community , the activity through which the objective is sought to be achieved. It is a student–centred programme in which projects are implemened by the NSS volunteers in the community in close collaboration with the clientele community and thereby it provides vast scope for the students’ interaction with the people. While interacting with the community the students learn many things which they cannot learn from theory classes. Thus the scheme is aimed at developing the human soul in such a way as the student is mentally shaped to fit into the society to which he also belongs and will continue to live in.

Chairman Prof. Anjali B. Bondar


Prof. Prof.Yogesh A. Mahajan
Prof.Miss.Vijeta Singh


7.Prerna Yuvati Munch:

We believe that all educational institutions must take initiative for achieving  the objectives of the over all development  of the students generally in the case of women particularly. Education is viewed as a tool of social change for correcting the accumulated distortions of the past. To bring out this change we are taking certain specific initiative that would facilitate women students development and empowerment. In order to materialize  this gender positive imitative we have established an organization of girls students of our college known as the Prerna Yuvati Munch.


9.Sports Activities 

We believe that the sports activities are essentials part of a law college life strong mind can be ensured in the strong body only. The sports committee for our college ensures, that the law college, high sports standards are met by conducting the selections of the sports team. It holds the inter class sports and games events every academic year. The students of our college are participating in the University, State and National level events The college is having a good track record of victories in sports and game events.
Our regular activities include Legal Aid Clinic, Annual Miscellany Publication. Please click here to view our event photo gallery.

Chairman Prof. Prof.Yogesh A. Mahajan


Prof.Miss.Rekha P.Pahuja
Prof. Prof.D.R.Kshirsagar
Prof.Miss.Vijeta Singh